28th of September 2021




We are willing to work with OEM / ODM business model. We can also design and develop products for our customers. If there is any opportunity to work with you, we will fully cooperate with, because your support is our supreme glory.

We are constantly researching and developing new products, we hope to meet specific customer and after design and development of new tooling and simplify production processes to improve product competitiveness.

FORMOSA DS COLOURS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional contract manufacturer, pro-excellent handling capabilities, including follow-up processing; such as casting, plastic injection, welding, stamping, grinding, plating, heat treatment, coating, surface treatment. We have the ability to integrate the upstream, midstream and downstream resources, product assembly, and packaging. Precise control of all production, testing, packaging and transportation, we hope to reduce customer's product costs and ensure our production quality to meet customers’ expect.



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