28th of September 2021


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FORMOSA DS COLOURS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Sourcing Policy for Conflict Mineral Reported by EICC(Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) and GeSI(Global e- Sustainability Initiative), that the origin of these minerals has become the Democratic Republic of Congo's main revenue sources of armed rebel groups, to deal in arms, continued its bloody conflict between government forces, devastated the local civilian population, thus triggering international disputes. FORMOSA DS COLOURS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.,as the global citizen, we declare and commit to refusing the application of metals from fighting region; meanwhile, we request FORMOSA DS COLOURS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.,supply chain: (1) Conduct your operations in a way of social and environmental responsibility; (2) Not use the conflict minerals originated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries ; (3) Trace the origins of the metals used, e.g. Au,Ta,Sn and W, and fill in the investigation form /sign declaration(Please download Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, and no need to reply again if you have completed the latest survey form before) . And reply to FORMOSA DS COLOURS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (4) Make the same requirements to your upstream suppliers. Conflict metal: The minerals composed of columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, wolframite and gold from the fighting region…
We have the newest product A2 Steel Bits with Torsion Buffer Grooves of product information published in the 2012 Hands Tools (CENS.COM’s Guidebook to Taiwan), hope that good design can bring both quality and great business opportunities.
11 September 2011

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If we have exhibition message, we will publish the details on the website. If you want to link with us or visit us at the exhibition booth, please leave your information. Very appreciate to provide this opportunity to establish good relationship for mutual ends. Thank you.
07 September 2011


The new design also remains the original design of the adjustment of 3' to 6 'and 15 degrees angled head, but because of the traditional design to rely on arm strength up and down movement to remove stuff, the design on the end of this section to add a weight, so that entire scraper has a impact- function, stretching up and down through the outer tube to remove stuff easily. The impact design can save a lot of force on job, needn't electrics or pneumatics.



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